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What do you remember about Santa Fe?

To many local Santa Fe residents and multi-generational families, this Post-WWII era is filled with rich, unique, and often times unbelievable stories that ultimately gave Santa Fe the name “The City Different.”

We want to share these stories.

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Create a living, walkable archive of the City Different

Santa Fe Stories Project will create an immediate connection to Santa Fe’s recent past by allowing users to experience site-specific history. 1000 markers will be tagged around the city, each with its own set of documentation for that specific place, allowing users to learn how Santa Fe evolved into what it is today.

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To support this project, call Vince at 505-603-9176 or email at

Tell Your Story

Santa Fe Stories is collecting stories and images from Santa Fe's recent past, the years from 1950 to 1985.

Do you have a memorable story about a person, place, or event? Do you have pictures of Santa Fe that we may use in this project?

If so, fill out the form at right, and we will contact you to follow up on the details we need to include your story in the project.

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Our progress

Between now and June, Santa Fe Stories Project will be collecting historical documentation from Santa Fe’s Post-WWII era. To add to our map, please consider submitting your stories, images, and documents today! And if you are feeling really generous, donate to help us reach our funding goal!

  • 301 stories submitted
  • 34 stories accepted
  • $10,000 raised

Stories Submitted

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